Financial Services

·         Bank of America

·         The Bank of California

·         Bank of New York/Mellon

·         First Citizens Bank

·         Royal Bank of Canada Centura

·         State Street Bank

·         Wells Fargo

·         Fidelity Investments

·         Charles Schwab


·         Staples

·         Lowe’s Home Improvement

·         Apple Computer

·         Esprit de Corp

·         AllData – division of AutoZone

Utilities and Engineering

·         Pacific Gas and Electric

·         Pacific Bell

·         Bechtel



·         DHL Airways

·         Royal Viking Cruise Lines

·         Railinc


Health and Higher Education

·         Stanford University Hospital

·         Duke Clinical Research Institute


·         State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services for Center of Disease Control

·         State of California – County of Sacramento

·         State of Arkansas Department of Revenue and Law Enforcement

·         State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

·         Federal - Hewlett Packard for the Department of Veterans Affairs